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Coda’s Frisbee campaign takes flight

We’ve put a new spin on our marketing this summer by launching a frisbee giveaway to prospective clients.

After all, it’s the season when most people would rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than in an office planning their own marketing, on top of all the other demands of their business.

So what better time to remind industrial, manufacturing and technical businesses that we’re here to offer advice, support and a full, customised marketing service?

With the frisbees, we wanted to send the message to firms that they can relax over the summer knowing that their marketing needs are in safe hands.

That red flying disc is a symbol that whatever gets thrown at us, we’re able to catch it, deal with it, and safely return it.

It’s a reminder that Coda can create the campaigns, comms and content to target prospects and customers at every point of the sales process – which gives our clients the time they need to focus on doing what they do best.

And who knows? They might even get the chance to go down the beach and throw a frisbee around!

We added a practical aspect, too – many recipients will have found our five top ideas for making their summer sales sizzle stuck to the inside of their free disc.

We think that makes our gift imaginative and surprisingly fun, while still being serious about what it does. A lot like Coda ourselves, in fact…

There’s still time to claim your free frisbee – go to