The team

Chris Lawrenson

Managing Director


The company’s Managing Director and Principal Account Director, Chris founded Coda based on his extensive experience working in the industrial manufacturing sector. Well-versed in B2B Marketing Communications and PR, Chris speaks the language of industrial businesses and enjoys solving the knotty problems they face.

Jo Murphy

Client Services Manager


Responsible for co-ordinating all creative and production work, Jo brings an invaluable diligence and eye for detail to everything Coda does. With an extensive background in PR and marketing, Jo takes a methodical, unflappable approach to controlling Coda’s workflow and ensures nothing gets in the way of meeting deadlines and client expectations.

Adrian Wilkins

Creative Director


Highly experienced in all aspects of print and digital creative, AD is Coda’s creative brain and knows how to turn ideas into compelling collateral. With responsibility for video production, AD has a successful track record in creative campaigns for internal and external communications at all levels.

Maria Devoy

Print Manager


A Production Manager for 17 years, Maria has great experience across creative services management and will ensure the highest quality print products for the best possible price. Armed with excellent communication and organisational skills and a meticulous attention to detail, Maria can co-ordinate and execute the most complex of print requirements.

Annabel Facchiri

Marketing Executive


Annabel supports Coda and its clients in all areas of marketing. A skilled coordinator, Annabel applies her knowledge to clients’ business support, creating clear marketing plans for future action, creating as well as distributing PR and social media content. Annabel is also responsible for client website admin, ensuring information is constantly checked and updated.

James Wyatt

Senior Designer


A talented designer with insight into user behaviour and engagement, James has a background in several industries, building digital experiences and design-led business strategies. As adept at producing print as he is digital, James can also identify data gathering exercises and measure results, in turn developing more accurate, relevant and goal-orientated content.

Andy Brown

Financial Director


Andy is a qualified accountant and Coda’s expert in all matters financial, with a decade of experience in advising professional service businesses at board level. Together with his family, Andy moved to the South Coast in 2013, and in his spare time enjoys facilitating the local networking groups Meetdraw and Meetball.

Andrew Chappell



Coda’s wordsmith, Andrew’s job is to generate written content for a wide array of projects, and co-ordinate the content for a range of publications. With 21 years of experience in multimedia journalism across a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites, Andrew has worked as a senior content/production manager and, in addition to his copy skills, is responsible for subbing and proofreading Coda’s materials.