Closing the Knowledge Gap

When applied to highly technical industrial sectors, traditional B2B marketing approaches simply don’t work. For industrial manufacturing and production companies looking to improve commercial performance, this can be a frustrating realisation and expensive learning curve.

Part of the issue here is that most B2B marketing agencies and suppliers find industrial sectors too difficult. The typical agency set-up, approach and methodologies are not conducive for the highly specialised business requirements that exist in these highly specialist fields.

The number one reason?

Compared to other sectors, the technical product knowledge required from marketers is far more in-depth. The complexity and nuance in industrial sectors mean industrial marketers must develop a level of technical product knowledge to rival the rest of the organisation; otherwise, the effectiveness of their campaigns will suffer.

This means that traditional approaches to managing the creation of marketing content are problematic. For a copywriter to produce work that will drive results, for example, they need to have immersed themselves in the sector and product first. It is not realistic for a marketing or account manager to pass them a brief with no prior industry knowledge and expect the output to be fit for purpose. In order to close this knowledge gap, the entire marketing delivery team needs to work differently, which requires a commitment to structural, process and mindset change in order to service these sectors effectively.

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