What is Industrial Sector Marketing?

Simply put, industrial sector marketing (ISM) is the ability to raise awareness of, improve engagement with, and increase the number of leads for businesses operating specifically in the industrial manufacturing and production sector.

Coda has spent the last 20 years supporting businesses in industrial sectors, from process instrumentation to manufacturers of sensors and monitoring devices – we’ve learned the hard way how and why different marketing approaches are required.

Industrial manufacturing and production is a 358 billion pound industry (Source: ONS), the overarching term for everything manufactured or made globally. As a global mega driver of the economy, manufacturing serves multiple industries, from construction and transportation to medical and travel.

Hidden away deep in supply chains there are a vast range of highly technical industrial businesses – most you’ll have never heard of, the type producing components for components, or sensors for sensors. These are the businesses that are notoriously difficult to understand, difficult to sell, and difficult to buy.

ISM is a specialist, dedicated marketing discipline created and focussed on achieving successful marketing results for businesses like these.

If you’re interested in finding out more – we’ve written a best practice guide to industrial marketing. You can download the guide here.