“Successively launch a global solution platform”

Case Study | Creative campaigns

Case Study | Creative campaigns


“Successively launch a global solution platform”

The Client Challenge

The creation of a platform for BKV Beyond, with a global launch to new and existing markets in every major region. The multi-tiered solution – collecting data with sensors, connecting systems with digital gateways, and converting data to trusted insights to correct potential faults – required deep solution knowledge to communicate the platform with clarity and authority.

The Coda Solution

An extensive creative realisation of the platform combined messaging and visuals emphasising the exciting possibilities for the system. A detailed concept dev phase covered naming conventions, messaging development and vibrant creative visualisation – a strong foundation for evolving campaign communications, constantly optimised through campaign performance data.

Campaign concept

Keeping machinery constantly functioning requires monitoring the condition of the rotating and reciprocating parts of each machine. As parts and performance deteriorate with wear, the traditional way to avoid machine failure – and costly unplanned downtime – is the costly and labour-intensive scheduled preventative maintenance programme.

But Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro), one of the leading suppliers of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery, was ready to challenge that model with a new solution: an innovative asset health management platform combining latest advanced sensors, wireless connectivity, AI machine learning and human intelligence. This IIOT solution enables detection of potential faults before they become an issue, vastly reducing operational, maintenance and plant downtime costs.

A process for success

  1. The project commenced with an extensive Product Naming phase, which arrived at the flagship naming of BKV Beyond and extended down into all product and service naming. BKV Beyond succinctly asserts the game-changing promise of the platform – that the customer can ‘go further’ with B&K Vibro for greater success.


  1. Messaging development was built out from a deep dive into the platform. Coda created interrelated messaging layers including tagline, elevator pitch, detailed long messaging and compelling benefit pillars, enabling clear and consistent application across all marketing assets and customer touchpoints.


  1. Creative Development followed the explorative concept with hero artwork that evokes space and depth, inviting the customer to ‘go beyond’. Dots and dashes represent datapoints; a ribbon-like road visual emphasises constant movement and acts as pedestal for product shots.; a warm, vibrant colour palate stands apart from the corporate primaries and whites dominating competitor marketing.

4. Coda’s expert copy and creative team created the full suite of global marketing assets covering print assets, paid media, landing pages, flyers, brochures and internal campaign assets.


5. Coda planned the campaign journey as a live-managed, data-driven bound campaign, based around mapped customer journeys. The insights of performance data enabled continual adaptation of campaigns, assets and spend for the best results.


6. Getting the internal team behind a cornerstone launch was critical, so a complementary internal launch of promotion and sales training introduced a message of becoming a Beyonder’ to educate and upskill the teams so they were ready for launch.

Measurable results

Platform unveiled! Internal launches and sales training were followed by campaign rollout, and boosted internationally through tradeshows, PR and media placement. The combined result not only launched the platform, but the approach generated revitalised brand visibility in new markets and developing sales regions

Next steps

The ongoing evolution of the BKV Beyond campaign continues into 2024, with ever-improving data enabling the campaign to smartly evolve and adapt to meet the interests and needs of prospects.

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