We make your brand voice heard

Creating content that builds your media presence across your industry

Targeting your unique offer to reach the right audience

Focusing on what makes your company exceptional

Content that informs and engages

We help you stand out from the crowd

We know it’s increasingly difficult to make yourself heard in a crowded marketplace. We can cut through the chatter, with digital, print and social media strategies that deliver real results.
Chris Lawrenson
Managing Director

We already work in your world

We’ve built partnerships with people just like you

  • “Coda delivers what we need, when we need it”
  • “They understand our sector and customers”
  • “We get a full report on their monthly activities and results”
  • “A critical part of our global sales effort, and success”

We close the knowledge gap

Our experience makes the difference

Knowledge is key to what we do. Our reputation is based on fully understanding our clients’ products and services so we can clearly explain the benefits to their customers. We’ll quickly bring you up to speed with what you need to know. And we recognise that you’ll bring skills and expertise with you that will add to the Coda talent pool. Together, we know more.

One office with a global reach

We work with companies around the world

Wherever you’re based, we can help. Our single office makes co-ordination and communication easier, while we’re flexible enough to work with international clients.

One team, supporting yours

We work with you, to meet your goals

Coda has the expertise and experience to turn your objectives into actions. The knowledge and skills of our lean, focused team will generate the leads you need to sell more products and services.
Jo Murphy
Head of Accounts

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