Product/Market manager

We understand what you’re selling

We identify what makes your products unique

We’re at home with technical and industrial details

We highlight the benefits for your customers

Content that builds your reputation

Your expertise, supported by our understanding

It’s vital to stand out in a competitive sales environment. We’ll ensure you’re heard. Our knowledge and experience of your market allows us to position you as a leading voice in your field.
Andrew Chappell

Your world is our workplace

We’re used to talking to people just like you

  • Coda speaks to us in the language of the industrial market
  • They take the time to learn about our products
  • We don’t have to over-simplify what we do when we talk to them
  • They explain our products in ways our customers respond to

Our knowledge is greater than most agencies

We specialise in understanding industry and science

By working with global companies in the industrial market, we’re constantly learning. Other agencies may be baffled by what you do and why it matters. But we start from a stronger position, so we close the knowledge gap a lot faster, improving your sales more quickly.

We provide a full set of marketing services

Tailored to the needs of select B2B clients


Marketing Automation


PR & Social

Content Creation


Film & Video


Literature & Publications

We help you reach a global audience

Wherever your market is, we can help

Coda works with clients large and small, based all around the world. That’s why we know what works globally, and what’s specific to a region. We can provide tailored content and arrange translations to help you reach new and existing customers.

We’re right behind you

Our team provides the support you need to succeed

Coda’s team is focused on delivering results in industrial and technical markets. That’s why we’re able to hit the ground running, producing content and campaigns that genuinely understand the products involved.
Anju Sarpal
PR Manager

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