Vision Impossible: The Industrial Infographic


By Radu Baba, Senior Graphic Designer and AD Wilkins, Head of Studio

Navigating the Complexity of Industrial Marketing Illustrations

Industrial marketing illustrations are highly specialised. How do you illustrate your process, system, product, or automation within a manufacturing plant so that the reader can easily understand your key message and the benefits to them?

Our clients develop products and technologies for industrial processes that aim to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety in the process, and reduce costs. The difficulty often lies in how to make people understand how this works interestingly and engagingly, to understand how the process works, what products and systems go where, why it’s important, and what they do (measure, control, analyse).

We help our clients get to the decision-makers, purchasing directors and engineers through interesting, innovative, and creative ways, first time.


This is the challenge.


There are only a handful of agencies within the UK that can do this well, meeting the needs of their clients and promoting their messaging accurately, comprehensively, and most importantly, simply. 


Often the approach other agencies take is to use existing blueprints or diagrams and adapt them. This can work for uncomplicated illustrations, but it isn’t unique or different, and it may not capture the eye of the reader enough to spark their interest to investigate it further.


Technical drawings are usually the base for illustrations, created by engineers for engineers and can be highly specialised. But the information they contain can be useful for a wider audience to disseminate details about a product, service, or system. This is where we come in.



At Coda, we understand technical details and how to interpret these into an illustration which demonstrates the client’s message. 

Our unique understanding of technical, industrial, and manufacturing industries – and the highly specialised processes within them – allows us to take the message and adapt it. We don’t just take an existing illustration, add in some client branding, change a few lines around and pop the product in place.


Of course, client brand guidelines are important, but it’s getting the journey right in the illustration that makes it understandable for a wider audience. And this is where Coda’s expertise comes in. We take highly technical concepts and data and adapt it into something that’s easily understood.


Each illustration is different and unique; for example, we create anything from traditional illustrations to highly technical infographics. An infographic typically follows a set schematic where the information is ordered in such a way that the message gets through from start to finish.

Ultimately, the question we always aim to answer is: how is this beneficial – to the client, to their customer, and to their stakeholders?

That’s what we’re experts at – understanding your industry – and it’s why you should talk to Coda about how to reach your audience in a creative, yet understandable way.  

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