“Transforming lead quality for better industrial product campaign results”

Case Study |
Lead Generation

Case Study | Lead Generation


“Transforming lead quality for better industrial product campaign results”

The Client Challenge

SensoPart needed to generate more Sales Qualified Leads. While they were running a lot of top-of-funnel campaigns generating contacts and leads, the campaigns lacked post-nurturing to turn them leads into sales qualified leads ready for the sales team.

The Coda Solution

A 2023 Global Robotics inbound campaign needed to target SensoPart sensors to robot systems integrators. Coda and SensoPart created an omni-channel lead nurturing campaign to drive engagement from new contacts, capturing additional information through email, retargeting, tactile CTAs and content.

Increase in contact engagement
Increased sales-ready leads
Reduction in CPL


SensoPart is a leading manufacturer of photoelectric sensors and image processing for factory automation, focused on growing global reach and brand share through a global sales team and third-party distributor network. Core to this growth was the development and improvement of highly targeted product campaigns that generated better quality leads more frequently.

A process for success

1. Objectives and KPIs set, focused on improving engagement, growing lead conversation and quality, and setting conversion metrics

2. Data analysis gave insights into the largest friction points preventing SensoPart achieving KPIs and Objectives

3. Utilising the data insights, Coda created a lead score and workflow automation lead nurture programme to drive engagement and increase SQLs

4. A complementary user journey flow was aligned with the prospect user journey, and supported SensoPart in create a data-based nurture flow

5. Coda’s design team created a memorable but simple creative campaign based on the idea of Robotic IQ, and applied it to a comprehensive programme of emails, adverts and paid campaigns.

6. A marketing automation workflow was created to manage their deployment while lists, banners and custom objects inside the customer’s CRM were retargeted by Coda’s Performance team

7. Campaign launched! With managed activities in full flow, Coda reported on nurture performance throughout the campaign, continually optimising collateral and spend based on results and analysis

Measurable results

A highly successful campaign that vastly transformed performance for key engagement and lead generation metrics with reduced cost-per-lead versus previous campaigns.



  • 1643 contacts engaged in two-month campaign period
    • More than 1000% increase in contact engagement from previous period (127 contacts)
    • 2875 Workflow Enrolments = 1.75 workflows per contact
    • 6010 Lead Score Engagement Points added over three-month period

Contacts and leads

  • 178 new contacts generated and attributed
  • 151 hot leads generated
    • Of which 78 were sales-ready leads (included Phone Number) Generated

This increased sales-ready leads by 268% compared to the previous period (29)

Conversion Metrics

  • Contact Conversion Rate = 10.834%
    • Cost Per Contact = 23.14 Euros
  • Sales Ready Lead Conversion Rate = 4.748%
    • CPL = 52.82 Euros

Next Steps

Since building the nurture workflow, SensoPart have reported, consistent and growing SQL generation through the nurture funnel without the need to continually and manually create new campaigns to drive engagement.  SensoPart are now working with Coda to scale and expand their nurture workflows to further improve SQL generation and lead quality.

Signed Sealed Co-deliverd

Signed Sealed Co-deliverd